as made remarkable progress in improving health eq

tural productivity, i▓mproving the health, [and] a very strong education system with some of the top u▓niversities in the world," said Gates, ▓co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundati▓on,

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poverty, offering lessons that ▓could help other developing cou

which opened a China office in 2007.China is now contributing innovations that can help some of the other countries that are not as far along as China, "help accelerate their development based on the lessons that come from China," the Microsoft co-founder told Xinhua in an e

xclusive interview ahead of a two-day trip to China."As we (the foundation) enter the second decade of our partnership with China, we remain▓ committed to helping China address its remaining domestic challenges in health and development, as well as suppo▓rting China in sharing what it has learned fr▓om its own progress to help the world become a healthier and more prosperous p▓lace," Gates said.HEALTH

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EFFORTSGates is arriving in Beijing on Wednesday. He will attend an event marking the 10th anniversary of the foundation's


 in Afric

work on tuberculosis (▓TB), a primary focus of its health e▓fforts in China.He is expected to talk with Chinese health officia


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ls about th▓e progress in the TB program and future plan to reduce TB even further.In 2009, the foundation launched a TB prev


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ention and control pr▓ogram in collaboration with China's then Ministry of Health (now the National Health Commission).Over t


eir developmen

he course of 10 years,▓ the program has shortened the time required for diagnosing multidrug-resistant ▓TB from two months to


t, Bill Gates

two hours. "We've gone from having a patient having to take 13 pills to only three every day," Gate▓s said.With new drugs, to

has said.C

orld in


sing he▓alth, development challenges: Bill Gates11-

19▓-2019 09

:33 BJTSEATTLE, Nov. 18

complex problem as TB, the Gates Foundation alone is not enough. We have worked side by side with our partn▓ers to design and implement a program th

-- China has ?/h3> 坢ade remarkable

at▓ improved not only the quality of care but also▓ its affordability, thus significantly▓ reducing TB cases and related deaths," Gates said.The next

progress in

improving healt

phase of TB investment, he noted, will focus on new TB drug a▓nd vaccine development, which will "not only benefit patients in China but also tho▓s

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